About us

Our breeding station was established 06/03/08, when it was certified as internationally protected breeding station named LOVELY SHINE. We are focused on labrador and golden retrievers. You can find us in Děčín, where we live in a family house with big garden. There is a lot of space for our three dog girls.CH CZ,SK Cherlyn Sable Blues, Honey Hope the Dream Team and Athéne Lovely Shine. 
Why Lovely Shine? That is because our two lady dogs Cherlyn (LR)  Hope (GR) and Athéne (LR)are our darlings with which we spend a lot of time and we are very proud of them.

The founder of our breeding is a lady dog of labrador retriever Cherlyn Sable Blues, which I acquired in January 2007. In these days I started to think about establishment of breeding station, not just because we live out of the city centre. I really enjoyed every dog show and every training. She is so amazing dog, good temper and good sense of work, so I spent all my free time with her. I am looking forward to every minute we can spend with each other - either at the dog show or at the training facility. Cherlyn is very hardworking dog. Of course when she was young she was naughty but now it is great lady dog.

The second lady dog, which I acquired in May 2008 is golden retriever Honey Hope The Dream Team. She has also good temper. She is always enjoying retrieves, especially in the water. She is very teachable and warm-hearted. 

Athéne (LR) is from our rearing. She born 17.12. 2009. It was first litter in our kennel. She is daughter of Cherlyn. Her father is very succesful dog CH Chablais John Caffé MultiBISS USA Canada and Chine. He was only 2 yers in th Czech republic and now he lives in Australia. 

My girls are simply the sunshine of my life and I cannot imagine it without them.