PLANNED LITTER "C" Labrador Retriever January 2014 - Cherlyn is pregnant !!!!



CH CZ,SK,GrandCh CZ,CH work Cherlyn Sable Blues"U"               x              CH CZ,BG,MNE,MK Chablais Sable Blues Caramelo
born : 3.12.2006                                                                                                              born: 9.2.2009  import Kanada          

HD A, ED 0/0, EIC N/N, eyes clear (certifikát 2012 )                                         HD A, ED 0/0, Optigen A by parentage EIC N/N, eyes clear
PRA-prcd N/N, CNM N/N                                                                                 



                     Rodokmen štěňátek                                                       


Chablais Sable
Blues Caramelo



CH Chablais Chocolatier


Big Skys Stone Kutter


CH Chablais Delome Ziggy


CH ChablaisViolette

CH Chablais Marcello


CH Chablais Serena


Cherlyn Sable Blues "U"


Kobelco Coral Sea


Southbank Terracota


Chamerda the Mabalis


Gess Pepper´s Sable Blues

Rocheby Suttonpark
Sargeant Pepper´s


CH Zia Golden Erinor


Our puppies will be properly chipped, vaccinated, wormed and they get their toys and granules to which they are accustomed.

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